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Full time research for USContraWar began in the fall of 2014, the public website was launched on April 10, 2015.  The research and campaign continues today.

USContraWar is compiling and sharing public domain data regarding U.S. troop involvement during the Central America War (1979 – 1992). One of our main goals is to determine how many U.S. military members were subjected to hostile fire, explosions or exposed to imminent danger to help advocate to the U.S. Congress and President for issuance of an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, a National Defense Service Medal and an overall Central America Campaign Medal leading to recognition for service during the Central America War period.  The proper classifications of the killed and wounded is the top priority.

At least seventy U.S. military members were lost in Honduras or who were based in Honduras during the Central America War and many dozens more were wounded by military and terrorist attacks.  Over 300 U.S. military members were killed during the Central America War in the extended theater of operation.  Combat support missions and combat operations were launched into El Salvador and Nicaragua from Honduras.  Similar combat and combat support operations were conducted inside Honduras.  The Pentagon maintains that Honduras was safe for training and war games.  The U.S. Army Awards and Decorations Branch maintains that Honduras was a noncombat area and that members deployed under Temporary Duty orders do not qualify for combat ribbons and awards

Please help C.A. War veterans advocate for recognition for all veterans of this Low-Intensity Conflict by sending a letter to your U.S. Congress or Senate representative in support of our mission by asking Congress to issue an Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal to all U.S. troops who served in Honduras and Central America from 1979 to 1992.  This will help the families of the killed or wounded and those veterans attempting to receive proper combat honors and recognition for their sacrifices during the decade that ended  Soviet communism.

Our main goals at USContraWar are too; seek reclassification of several veterans’ status as killed or wounded in action; determine a more accurate number of killed and wounded in action related to the C.A. War.  The overall reclassification of the ‘training and war game’ deployments as combat and combat support is the ultimate objective.


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Central America War (1979 – 1992)